Brandy Delivery London

Brandy is one of the most popular spirits all over the world, with Cognac being the most celebrated type of Brandy. We offer sameday Brandy delivery across London, and have highlighted a few Brandy’s and Cognac’s in our online selection that might tickle your fancy.

Carlos 1 Gran Reserva (ABV:38%, 70cl)

Manufactured using the Spanish solera system that is over 100 years old. This gives the brandy depth, body and spice, with a smooth taste and satisfying warmth. One of the finest Spanish brandy’s around. CODE: BRCARG

Courvoisier XO (ABV:40%, 70cl)

The long aging process leaves this cognac wonderfully smooth. It’s very fruity on the palette, with a warm, spicy finish. Definitely one to be sipped and not mixed. CODE: COCXO

Three Barrels VSOP (ABV:40%, 70cl)

A French made brandy that is very popular over here. High quality and cost effective with a fruity flavour, with notes of ginger and walnut. Perfect for cocktails. CODE: BRTB070

Hennessy Fine De Cognac (ABV:40%, 70cl)

One of the world’s most luxurious brands, this is a truly stunning cognac at an incredible price. With a light, smooth taste and sweet finish, perfect to be enjoyed after a meal. CODE: COHFDC

Metaxa Amphora 7 Star (ABV:40%, 70cl)

Metaxa is a Greek brand that has been around since the last 1800’s. The 7 star has been aged for seven years, giving it wonderful depth, great body, with a warm smooth finish, best enjoyed neat on a cold winters evening. CODE: BRM7

Martell VSOP (ABV:40%, 70cl)

One of the world’s most popular Cognac producers. This VSOP is slightly dry, sweet and gentle, with subtle fruity and vanilla flavours, good length and spicy undertones. CODE: COMVSOP

Shipwreck Single Cask 7 yr old (ABV:43.1%, 50cl)

This Somerset brewed cider brandy offer a zingy alternative to your other continental choices. Aged in a similar way to Calvados for seven years, you get real depth in flavour and a fruity kick. CODE: BRSCBSW

Remy Martin Coeur de Cognac (ABV:40%, 70cl)

A beautifully complex cognac from one of the world’s leading producers. Fruity notes bring plenty of freshness, with a smooth finish combined with undertones of cocoa and marmalade. CODE: CORMCDC