Alcohol Delivery London

For those in the capital it has never been a better time to buy alcohol late into the night with providers operating throughout the London metropolitan area. Those who fancy having a late night tipple can happily order in piece well into the early hours, which will be a godsend for many. No longer will a party run dry for lack of choices and be forced to move on to soft drinks and Virgin Marys. These days deliveries of alcohol are just a call, a click or an app away.

Hungry House

Primarily Hungry House is an online takeaway delivery service and features a range of cuisines within easy reach of famished capital dwellers. However, the site also allows customers to access alcohol in two ways. One, as you might imagine, is by including drinks with a food order. Two obstacles present themselves with this approach. Firstly, it can require a lot of trawling through search results to find a restaurant that sells alcohol and secondly it will usually require including food with the order, which will make the purchase more expensive if food is unwanted.

However, there is an easier way, thanks to a very useful feature on the Hungry House website. When conducting a restaurant search customers can filter by cuisine, choosing Indian, Chinese, Japanese etc. However, one of the other filtering options is ‘All Night Alcohol’(sometimes clicking on ‘Show more’is required). Choosing this option will produce a list of suppliers that offer deliveries of alcohol and as the name suggests, there are providers available who will do this throughout the night. Orders through the website or Hungry House app.

Just Eat

Similar to Hungry House, Just Eat offers online food delivery in the Greater London area and around the UK, but is bigger in scope than its competitor with operations in 13 countries around the world. Where alcohol delivery is concerned Hungry House has the edge as Just Eat lacks a search filter for drink so for customers it is a case of going through restaurants one by one to find a restaurant that delivers alcohol. As noted, the order will usually need to include food. As a rule of thumb the restaurants most likely to serve alcohol are Japanese, although some of the Chinese restaurants sell beer and wine so it is worth checking these out. Orders through the website or Just Eat app.

Major suppliers currently in London


One of the most established alcohol delivery companies operating in the capital, Booze-up sells, beer, wine, champagne, snacks along with ice. A somewhat quirky feature, the company runs a leaderboard competition for regular customers with prizes of discounts and free mixers for the winners. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Booze-up promises delivery times of 25 to 35 minutes. There is no minimum order and expect to pay £7 for delivery (less for bigger orders.

Deliver Me Drinks

Another leading delivery company, this one positions itself as a celebrity provider, emphasising Belvedere and Grey Goose vodkas, Chivas Regal whisky and Peroni beers. A feature of the Deliver Me Drinks site are the party combos on offer, like Jagerbombs Specials with Jagermeister, Red Bull and ice, or The Greygoose Pack with Grey Gooze, mixers and ice. As a twist the company can even provide lemons and limes. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a 15-minute delivery time for VIP customers. Minimum order is £40.

Drinks Driver     – 0207 403 6346

This company offers a wide range of products, including the usual suspects for beer, cider and spirits. For wine drinkers there is quite a broad selection available with over twenty labels advertised. Ice cubes and crisps can be included in purchases. Deliveries are available 10 pm to 5 am (Sunday – Thursday) and 10 pm to 8 am (Friday and Saturday). Estimated delivery time is around 30 minutes, although this may be a little longer in areas of heavy traffic. There is a minimum order for free delivery – £50 for Central London customers and £100 for those a little further out (stretching outwards from SW3 – N1 – E14 – SE16 – SE24). Drinks Driver only takes orders by phone, which is a little less convenient than some of the other providers.

Associated laws

Alcohol supply in the UK is covered by the Licensing Act (2003). When this was introduced in 2005 it liberalised the rules relating to the sale of alcohol, particularly the times during which alcohol can be sold to the public. These days, providers can potentially sell alcohol 24 hours a day, seven days a week (with some stipulations) and this has allowed an emerging market to develop for late night alcohol sale and delivery.

The minimum age for buying alcohol is still 18 and this age requirement applies to both sellers and customers. This also applies regardless of whether alcohol is bought or sold at pubs, off-licenses or via home delivery services. Most vendors state on their websites that customers who order home deliveries may be asked for ID, particularly if they are under 21.

In order to sell alcohol providers must apply for two licenses. The first is a Personal License, which covers their fitness to serve alcohol and usually also requires the person to have an accredited qualification, such as the National Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (NCLPH) in England and Wales or the Scottish National Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (SNCPLH). Additionally, vendors must also have a premises license, which relates to how the alcohol will be stored during business operations. A premises license covers buildings but also any vehicles that will be used for deliveries. Both the Personal License and premises licence can be be applied for from the local authority and it is up to the individual authority to decide whether or not to grant a license. It is worth noting that the local authority will often take the views of interested parties, such as the police or local residents into account when deciding whether or not to approve applications.