Alcohol Delivery & 24 Hour Off Licences in Preston

This page lists the details of 24 hour and late night off licenses in Preston. Alcohol should always be consumed responsibly and you should always avoid driving when under the influence.

24 Hour Drinks Delivery

Providing you have ID, those of you who are over 18 can make use of the late night alcohol delivery services in your local area. Simply order your beverages and snacks over the telephone or online where you are able to pay with your debit or credit card. If you prefer, you can always pay with cash when your drinks are delivered.

While there are currently no 24 hour delivery services in Preston, Bamboo Chinese Takeaway have a small range of wines and beers that can be delivered to your door. The restaurant’s delivery service is available until 12am, Monday to Sunday. So if your party guests get hungry, you can order them some food as well. Give them a call for more information: 01772 252 138.

If a Chinese takeaway doesn’t take your fancy, another restaurant near Preston that delivers alcohol as well as food is the Spice Lounge. The Spice Lounge is an Indian takeaway that delivers alcohol as well as food. They have several different types of beers as well as bottles of Smirnoff Ice. The restaurant delivers until 11pm every day of the week. Please call01254 247583 for more information.

Postcode areas covered in Preston: (PR0 to PR5, PR11), Chorley (PR6, PR7), Southport (PR8, PR9) and Leyland (PR25, PR26).

Late Night Off Licenses in Preston

Providing it is safe for you to travel there and back, you can collect your alcohol from your nearest late night off licence to save you money on delivery charges. If you have already had a drink, please pick one that is within walking distance and do not be tempted to drive.

Bargain Booze, 179 Plungington Road, Preston, Lancashire, PR1 7UD, Tel: 01772 888852
Opening Times: Monday-Sunday: 11:00-22:20

Londis, 75 Watling Street Road, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 8EA, Tel: 01772 787274
Opening Times: Monday-Sunday: 07:00-22:00

Bargain Booze Select Convenience, 158-162 New Hall lane, Preston, PR1 4DX, Tel: 01772 491173
Opening Times: Monday-Sunday: 06:00-22:00

Thorougoods, 39 Leyland Road,Penwortham, Preston, PR1 9QH, Tel: 01772 463651
Opening Times: Monday-Saturday: 05:30-22:00 Sunday: 06:00-22:00

Be sensible

If you’ve run out of alcohol, do not be tempted to drive under the influence. Call a taxi, take a bus or walk to your nearest off license or call one of the alcohol delivery services above to have your order delivered safely and conveniently to your door.