Rum Delivery London

Whether drinking it straight or mixing it into cocktails, Rum is a popular and diverse drink. We offer sameday Rum delivery across London, so here is a selection of different Rum’s we have in stock that will be perfect for all occasions.

Bacardi Magnum (ABV:37%, 150cl)

Bacardi is one of the most popular spirits in the world. This classic Carta Blanca is slightly spiced with a smooth finish, with fruity notes on the palette. Code: RUBAC150

Captain Morgan’s Original Rum (ABV:40%, 70cl)

One of the best and most recognisable dark rums around, it’s affordable and delicious. Spicy, rich and warming, with honey and aniseed notes at the finish. Wonderful when drunk straight or mixed into a Cuba Libre. Code: RUCM

Wray & Nephew White Overproof (ABV:63%,70cl)

This is the bestselling, high proof white rum in the world. Wonderfully fruity and lightly spiced, with a very long finish. CODE: RUWN

The Kraken (ABV:40%, 70cl)

Apart from being wonderfully packaged and marketed, it’s also one of the best spiced rums available. Deep, dark, rich and spicy, mix with ginger beer to make a refreshing drink with a kick. CODE: RUKRA

El Dorado 8yr (ABV:40%, 70cl)

Won Gold in the Best Golden Rum category at the International Wine and Spirit Awards. Aged in a Bourbon barrel to give it plenty of body. Ideal for giving your Daiquiri an extra level of flavour. CODE: RUED8

Red Leg (ABV:37.5%, 70cl)

A very popular and highly rated spiced rum. Sweet and very spicy, infused with vanilla and fiery Caribbean ginger, with hints of black pepper and apple. CODE: RURL

Havana Club 3yr (ABV:40%, 70cl)

Very clean and smooth white, with refreshing citric notes, as well as hints of vanilla and marzipan. Perfect for adding an authentic taste to your Mojito. CODE: RUHC

Plantation Barbados Gran Reserva 5 yr (ABV: 40%, 70cl)

This special edition was shipped to France to be finished in Cognac barrels. Wonderfully buttery hints of caramel and molasses, undertones of leather and orange zest, with a long spicy finish. CODE: RUPB5