Tequila Delivery London

A key component in any drinks cabinet, take advantage of our sameday Tequila delivery across London. Often just served in a shot glass with lemon and salt, Tequila is just as complex and versatile as any other spirit, here are some of the best bottles in our selection.

Tip – When buying tequila, always looks for 100% Agave on the label if you can. Mixto is the word to avoid, as the tequila has been mixed with an “unspecified” spirit.

Patron Silver (ABV:40%, 70cl)

One of the most famous and traditional tequilas on the world market. Very fresh and crisp, with notes of fruit, spice and oak on the palette. CODE: LITPP

Casamingos Reposado (ABV:40%, 70cl)

It might have been co-created by George Clooney, but the taste alone is enough to make this tequila special. Beautifully matured in American white oak casks, developing a rich, sweet flavour, full of roasted caramel and vanilla notes, with a slight smoky finish. CODE: LITCASR

Cuervo’ 1800 Blanco (ABV:38%, 70cl)

This Super Premium Blanco’s flavour matures in both American and French barrels. Blanco tequila’s are the best for mixing, so this would be perfect for your tequila sunrise. CODE: LITC1800B

Herradura Anejo (ABV:40%, 70cl)

Multiple award winner, including the 2015 Super Premium Anejo prize with The Tequila Masters. This was the first Anejo of its type to be made commercially available in the 1960’s. CODE: LITHA

Olmecca Altos Plata (ABV:38%, 70cl)

This is one of the best tequila’s you will find for under £30. Slightly sweet with a citrus twist, perfect for drinking straight or mixing into your Margaritas. CODE: LITALTP

Casco Viejo Reposado (ABV:38%, 70cl)

Another really good tequila at a more than reasonable price. Roasted and aged for over a year before bottling gives it a smooth, well bodied flavour, with a light vanilla twang to finish. CODE: LITCV

Calle 23 Blanco (ABV:40%, 70cl)

this very young and fresh tequila is another perfect for mixing into cocktails. Quite citric on the nose, with flavours of apple and pear before a very clean finish. CODE: LITC23B

Don Julio Anejo (ABV:40%, 70cl)

Aged for 18 months in American white oak casks, this wonderfully citric and fruity tequila would be perfect to slip into your Long Island Iced Tea. CODE: LITDJA